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Master Series Trials


As you all know there are some new features to the MASTER SERIES.

  • Master Series Trials
  • Masterpoints

Master Series Trials

From this moment on we will be holding Master Series Trials.

Magic Masters Mol achieved a mutual agreement with the shopkeepers, regarding the following aspects of the trials:

  • The entry fee
  • The prize support
  • The structure

This way all trials in the different shops will be the same.

The entry fee

The entry fee will be set to €20.

The prize support

All trials will have the same prize support. Shopkeepers can choose between the 3 following options:

They have the option to let a player decide for his own as well. This is the shopkeepers choice.

On top of this, Magic Masters Mol will add a free entry ticket (€25) of the corresponding format for the winner of the trial and some extra prize-TIX for the top X cut off. These will be valid for the next Master Series Weekend.

The structure

The amount of swiss rounds and top X cut off is fixed, as shown in the next table.



From July 2019 to the end of June 2020 players can battle to become a Master in their format.

You do this by collecting Masterpoints at different Master Series events.

Masterpoints can be earned in the following way:

  • Attending to a Master Series Event: 1 point
  • Amount of points in the final standing of a Master Series Event: X points

During Master Series trials there is a multiplier X1

During Master Series Weekends there is a multiplier X3

The player with the most points after June 2020 will be crowned Master in the corresponding format. This will be rewarded with 4 free entry tickets of that format. For 2nd place there are 2 free entry tickets, and 3d place get 1 free entry ticket.

These free entry tickets will be valid for the next 12 months during a Master Series weekend.

Master Series Weekends

For the Master Series weekends there are no changes. Old-School, Vintage, Legacy and Modern will remain our main goal for now. There will be a fixed prize support of €3000 (30K TIX) divided over the different formats.

For the organization “the community” is the most important thing to focus on. Therefore we try to listen to you all, as good as possible. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to De Kolonisten for supporting us the last several years.

And to Demo-Spel and Joshua Tree Games to come along on this journey.

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